Business founders usually see their companies as, well, a business. It is notoriously difficult for someone with such responsibility and background to think of it as a “brand”, let alone distill its DNA into a handful of words. Embarking on a branding exercise without a clear direction a fool’s errand.

So we started by conducting two brand therapy sessions with Toro’s founder and senior team from which a strategy emerged: the design would have to embody Toro’s Sophisticated Tenacity and communicate Empowerment as delivered by a solid network.

We think a most elegant solution was reached, one with multiple lectures.
Take a look: how many you can find? (full list at bottom of this page*)

*multiple meanings behind Toro Advisors branding:

  1. Initials themselves.
  2. Bull, symbolizing prosperity.
  3. Network elevating the playing field.
  4. Sharp angles connoting strength.
  5. Round watch-like dial evoking precision, adaptability and the cyclic nature of business.
  6. Black was chosen to communicate power, formality and elegance.
  7. Copper as a nod to the firm’s Chilean heritage and the region’s commodities-driven prosperity.